The Essential Girlfriend Network

ladyslunchteaHaving a network of BFFs are vital to your well-being, happiness and sanity!

In this Simply Delicious Living Podcast, Maryann Ridini Spencer talks to two of her BFFs, Barbara Cowan Berg and Dr. Ennette Morton, about the importance of having a well-established “girlfriend network.”


Barbara Cowan Berg



Barbara Cowan Berg is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Author of “How to Escape the No-Win Trap,””What to do When Life is Driving You Crazy,” and the popular “Ring Shui” book series.



Dr. Ennette Morton

Dr. Ennette Morton, PhD, an educator, speaker and advocate for women leadership,  currently serves as the Director of Academic Affairs at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. Dr. Morton is presently writing a book focusing on mentoring, social capital, and leadership.



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